Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Released in 1999, DeadAlive Records

24 Tracks of blasting, crushing, noisy power violence.

Godstomper has been playing music in one form or another (ex: The Barfos) for 15+ years. This album, being one of their earlier records, is no exception to their signature relentless two piece drum and bass noise blast. I'm almost certain they were, and are, influenced by early Napalm Death a la Scum and the almighty Hatred Surge Demo. I also pick up very strong hints of Neanderthal and early Man Is The Bastard.

Seeing as how this record is long since out of print it may be difficult to find, but if you ever get the chance to buy it DO NOT hesitate. Some of the best power violence/grindcore/noise/hate you'll ever hear.

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